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Come stay at the UOCA Nymboida Yoga Ashram! This is a residential ashram for people dedicated to a yogic lifestyle. Book now for 2017 at located near Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia.

Long term residents: If you join you will in effect become a founding member of the UOCA organisation, so it is important to read as much information located on these websites links at the end of this page before making your decision.

Short term residents: are welcome to apply for stays from one week to three months.


Meditation and Yoga are practiced here with a daily schedule and residents are strongly encouraged to attend unless due to work or study commitments they cannot. It is not necessary to have had previous experience in meditation or yoga - this is taught.

There is an intensive fitness program associated with the yoga classes. This will include extensive outdoor adventure fitness pursuits - bush walking, trail running and jogging, swimming, rock climbing, kayaking, skiing, surfing, caving, scuba diving, sky diving, yachting, etc. The ashram is located adjacent to one of Australia's best kayaking courses.

The ashram is to be a quiet place for meditation and reflection though music is encouraged that is in harmony with the ideals of the organisation. Live music nights called Satsangs will be held.

Please be aware that nudity is permitted in the ashram and it is an absolute and strict requirement to be celibate (not have sexual relations with any one outside of the ashram or not in the UOCA Tantra Sex program). It will also be preferable if you are over 18 and under 46.


Anyone coming here must not consume alcohol, drugs, meat, coffee, sugar, and tobacco. Alternative medicine is strongly encouraged and pharmaceutical drugs discouraged.

It is strongly recommended that anyone applying for long term residency have not consumed any illegal drugs for at least five years and pharmaceutical drugs other than for minor ailments for at least three years. It is recommended that they have not consumed meat and alcohol for at least one year or have consumed very small amounts for at least three years. It is recommended that they have not consumed any tobacco for at least three years. You should also have at least an intermediate knowledge of yoga asanas and not be unfit, overweight or currently suffering a physical or mental health condition. Short term residents are exempt from this requirement but must abstain from those substances when staying.

Alternative health practitioners are welcome. Resident's diet would be high quality organic macrobiotic Vegan with light cooking. Rawfoods would be encouraged and should be at least 50% of the diet. Processed foods are discouraged.

Two ashrams are currently being set up - one is operational now in Nymboida Northern NSW - and another in planning for North Queensland - see Project Eden -

The ashram in Nymboida is not large and currently has four bedrooms for long and short term residents. One bedroom is a two bed dormitory for short term accommodation in a yogic environment. The Nymboida ashram is a beautifully presented large two storey house. Has nice open plan living with personally designed kitchen. Wrap around covered decks with scenic views of the unusual surrounding landscape of the Nymboida temperate subtropical eucalypt forest valley. Other rooms are maintained for office, yoga and meditation practice and classes. A building project is underway to expand the premises to cabins and a meditation yoga temple.


Short term residents
Short term residents are recommended to donote an amount per day depending on length of their stay and their income, which will cover all costs including meals. Approximately $40-80 for one night. Concessions available as are special circumstances. Please contact us about this.


Your stay would be paid for by donation as this is a non profit organisation; though initially suggested amounts will be required unless you have financial difficulties, in which case your circumstances will be considered. These amounts will vary from $100 to $200 per week for rent plus a contribution for bills and food at about $100 to $150. You will need two weeks to one months rent and bond up front plus rental references. You will need an amount of between $600-$1800 which will cover your rent for either two weeks or one month and bond. If you are on a low income or a Centrelink benefit be aware that you may be entitled to bond assistance from the government in which case you will only be required to initially come up with two weeks rent - $200-$400. Be aware these charges are far below commercial rates and are simply to cover costs. Four hours work a day is also required of the long term residents. If you are under financial hardship and want to come then contact us to discuss options.

The ashram premises are comfortable and modern Western standard, but not luxurious in keeping with the Niyamas of simplicity the place is very quiet and secluded for meditation.  You must be fully committed to stay here and agree to the Code of Conduct see and also the mission and politcal goals of UOCA. We require a donation from each resident depending on their income, assets and savings.

The premises are modern, clean and simply furnished. 


Residents can work outside the ashram during day hours; however the ashram intends to develop and train people in UOCA's yoga system. Long and short term residents contributing to the ashram through work will be entitled to have their contribution reduced by the work they put into the ashram. Be aware that as this is an ashram income earned outside is encouraged to be donated to the ashram while you are resident even if in excess of the suggested donation - this of course is up to you and will be your decision by your free will whether you wish to do this or not. The reason for this is explained more fully in the code of conduct under "Possessions". If you wish to discuss this further please contact us. Please be aware that you will be receiving 'free' an invaluable training to transform your life that will be most likely worth far more than any income you are likely to earn, however if this possesses too great a problem for you, given the materialistic nature of Australian society, arrangements can be made to allow a more gradual transition for you where you can retain your earnings and pay for the classes, courses and training you receive. We hope you will come to see that this will become your true family and home for life and that ultimately you will come to see UOCA is the best course for not just yourself but humanity and the planet.
Workshops, retreats and classes in UOCA yoga and meditation are availabe and being developed and are offered to all at fixed charges.

Also courses in massage, t'ai chi, art, painting, dance, music, singing, poetry, writing, acting, photography and possibly film, etc may be developed there. Musicians and singers are welcome.

Here is an example training course on nutrition and Depression Recovery and 8 Powers to master your mind. See and
Adventure fitness programs are available and being developed and it is a requirement to participate.
A newsletter-magazine is produced and website - see UOCA's TM magazine on human rights, environmental, religious and social issues - also film scripts, books, diaries, etc. You may wish to contribute an article.

Political activism is part of the aims of the ashram. See below end of webpage.

All guests and residents have to agree and sign: please read

CONTACTPeople interested are welcome to contact UOCA
Email:  or 
Video Mobile/SMS/MMS: 0457414301

Particularly financial assistance as well as residents are sought. If you would like to make a donation please contact us. Cheques or money orders are acceptable and can be made anonymously.

if you want to join UOCA but are not yet ready for ashram life then please go to Worldwide Network of Ascension (WNA)

Unification Organisation for Collective Ascension will be a non-profit charity.

The Unification Organisation for Collective Ascension is based upon all the teachings received by James Travers-Murison in his short life to date. will give you links to all essential information about the holistic nature of UOCA including its politics, education, social policies, history, philosophy, courses, theology and science. Including its basis in a new form of spiritual communism to evolve the planet to an Utopia. This form of communism has very little connection to the Communism practised in totalitarian nations last century (UOCA opposes this form of communism). It is a significant evolution from Marxism, which UOCA believes contains many errors including the flawed concept of "violent" revolution as a basis of change. Change must be based upon 'ahimsa' - non-violence or it will carry the seeds of its own destruction. Ananda Marga's concept of PROUT best encompasses the theory of Spiritual Communism, although this theory is also incomplete and UOCA will perfect it and replace it.
'UOCA offers the path and The Way to bring peace to the undividual and the planet.'

Ashrams will be set up worldwide. Currently possibilities are Ubud in Bali, Thailand, India, Costa Rica, Fiji, Zimbabwe, Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, United States and Australia. There is a possibility of an ashram being set up in North Queensland, Australia - if you are interested in this please email.


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